Improving Michigan Homes Since 1997

Majic Window founders Bart and Rod Rue

Majic Window is a family owned and operated home improvement company based out of Wixom, Michigan.

Majic Window was founded in 1997 when brothers, Bart and Rod Rue realized they could offer Michigan residents so much more than what other home improvement companies were willing to provide.

Our focus is on increasing your home’s value with the highest quality home improvement products on the market.

Where many roofing contractors cut corners and raise prices, Majic researched to find the best product materials and ways to deliver them to Michigan homeowners at an affordable price. Majic metal roofs are built to last a lifetime and they don’t break the bank.

With their years of expertise and tireless commitment to outstanding customer service, Majic has emerged as a leader in residential metal roofing.

When it comes to quality metal roofing, Majic simply can’t be beat. If you would like to speak to a Majic representative or receive a free estimate for your home, feel free to contact us!